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Christopher Slim is a multi-instrumentalist & songwriter most notable as the bassist for various well known bands in the southern U.S. including The Triple-X Stars, Atomic DeLuxx, theTransmission, & The Howdies. Christopher Slim has an extensive body of work, in several musical genres. He has released several full-length albums, E.P.s, & Splits between his various projects, and is the author of a large collection unreleased works.

He is also the Founder of  Z.A.P.T. (Zombie Attack Preparedness Team), a survivalist group [featured on the cable network G4]. Christopher Slim is also an artist and designer, doing personal work and design for various musical acts. He has toured extensively in the U.S., traveled to Japan and Hong Kong, and has had his music featured in radio, television, & films in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

The common vein of Christopher Slim’s career has been combining and twisting his favorite styles of music and fueling them with frantic levels of energy.

Christopher Slim began his professional career in 1992 as a mercenary bass player for south Louisiana Jazz and Blues acts. He performed session work on several albums and made his rounds touring the Louisiana jazz and blues nightclub circuit.

In 1996, he performed as singer for the punk rock band J.D.R.C. until in 1997, when he joined the glam-rock/garage group The Triple-X Stars and began his journey into the underground music business. The Triple-X Stars dissolved in 1999 and Christopher Slim formed the retro-tinged rock group Atomic DeLuxx, who combined garage-punk, & rockabilly music to produce what the group termed ‘neo-garage-a-billy’. Atomic DeLuxx was signed to independent record label Sugartown Records and toured until 2001 when the group disbanded due to problems caused by their recording contract.

From 2001 to 2003 Christopher Slim was on a self-imposed musical exile, during which time he only made experimental electronic lounge and go-go music for his own pleasure. In mid-2003 he returned to the stage after forming the rock group, theTransmission. The sound he created for this band was a frantic, sci-fi, styled blend of 60s garage-punk, surf, & experimental electronics called ‘elektro-garage’. theTransmission was quite a successful underground band, and before their indefinite hiatus in 2007, had Christopher Slim’s music featured in films and television programs.

The end of 2007 saw the beginning of his next project, The Howdies, an Americana/Roots music group which gained notable attention with national tours, two albums, and having songs placed in films made for the Sy-Fy Channel. The Howdies played their final show in October of 2012.

Slim offered his musical & design talents to Florida based Horror-Punk artist Aaron Omen, and played the character Kristoph R. Slime in the Horror Rock group, The Red Hook Horrors.

Christopher Slim is continuously working on new material for his side project MYSTERIUM of SOUND.

Currently, he is playing guitar for his good friend, and Howdies compatriot, Julian Primeaux as part of Primeaux's stateside touring group.

His first solo record, 'Christopher Slim & the B-Side Bosses', was released in September 2016 on ExRay Records.

By-James V. King-
The King Agencies,
Los Angeles, CA  U.S.A.